Troy Ave

via @bossipofficial #NuPac drop tomorrow and I’m Exposing all these mufukaz slowly but surely This the part they don’t want you to see #CheeseBreath πŸ­πŸ§€ I said it b4 I’ll say it again#issaHandicapBeingARealOne it’s like I’m fighting fire with bottled water! I sat in jail when I didn’t have to. Here go the message stop falling for the antics and morals of these frauds, all that SHIT they talk bout in the hood don’t matter! when they back against the wall they fall while #DopeBoyTroy stand tall! Get ya money take care of ya family live as righteous as possible and let ya success be the flame that scorches every crab in the barrel #RealEyesRealize #FreeTroyAve Listen to #DopeBoyTroy street album [πŸ’½Link in Bio] Get all ya Screen Shots in Now cause I’m taking this shit down in a few none of these Niggas! X BSB included! Will ever eat off my name again! Fuk the negative and back to the positive I’m droppin nothin but πŸ”₯ music 4 yall


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